Monday, August 18, 2008

The World's Smallest Bookstore

Isn't it just adorable? In this little cabin on the highway between Kinmount and Salerno Lake, is this wonderful bookstore that calls itself The World's Smallest Bookstore -- no bigger than the size of a small room, it has an unbelievable collection of books -- many of my favorites of classical and contemporary Canadian and world literature with a smattering of non-fiction, from Eliott and Thoreau to Mistry and Laurence (and hardcover too) for only $3! On the way out you can pick up a cute sheet entitled '!!!Why I love Books!!!' It reads as follows:

1) Books are silent.

2) Books do not require hydro.

3) Books do not interrupt

4) Books open easily -- no switches or remotes

5) Books can be shut up easily anytime

6) Books cannot be offended

7) Books do not talk back

8) Books do not demand T.L.C. -- but get it anyway.

9) Books do not require food or water

10) Books will not feel neglected

11) Books will not send you on a guilt trip if you lose interest or ignore them

12) Books never require medical attention

13) Books do not have commercials

14) A book does not go into a snit if you look at another book

15) A book won't mind if you are reading more than book at a time.

I can add so many more lines to this sheet, and those of you who have seen our place know that we at least get dibs on being the second smallest bookstore in the world. Of late Shami and I have been dreaming about opening our own bookstore one day...Can you think of a better job? Stocking a store with books you love, reading, and sharing that love with others that come through the door...:-)

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